A look at Roman influences in Malaga – Teatro Romano

Close to the Alcazaba, meaning fortress (Arabic origin), you can see the Roman theatre that was build during the time of the Roman Emperor Augustus.

Let´s take a look at one of the Roman monuments in Malaga.

How did I discover it?


A pyramide formed glass has brought my attention.

Right next to it, I saw the giant Teatro Romano. You can go through stairs and stages closer the momunent, for free.

A rectangle building, which has the legal declarations of Malaga under the Roman Empire on it, is made of steel, wood and glass. There are several information about the discoveries and artifacts of the theatre.



This amphitheater was found in 1951 under the so called „House of Culture“ (Casa de Cultura). They have found remains of the theatre during the renovation of the house and decided to demolish the building.
El Teatro Romano has been opened to public and it serves for open-air performances.


How is this roman theatre structred?

The so called cavea is the auditorium. People went through stairs and corridors (praecinctiones) to their seats. The seats were divided into social status:

  1. Senators and high ranked politicians could sat in the „orchestra“ or in elevated lodges „tribunalia“. They also had special entrances „aditus maximi“
  2. The following rows were reserved for the „Equites“
  3. The other rows were open for other (not high ranked) roman citizens, women and slaves.


For more information about roman theatres – check this link out

Information for visitors

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